Aldatmak Episode 39 English Subtitles

Aldatmak - Episode 39 with English Subtitles Online for Free - (Full HD + Download) - (To Betray Episode 39)


Aldatmak – She is a distinguished, respected family court judge. She is an honest and principled woman who has saved many marriages from destruction, made sure that many children receive the affection and love they deserve, and has always been on the side of justice. She thinks that they are an exemplary family with her husband and two children, that they live an honorable life, and that the rest of their marriage will pass in usual love, happiness, and peace. One day, a loop that Guzide accidentally pulls progresses like a stocking and it turns out that her happy family is not a warm home, but a sand castle.\r\n\r\nThis is, Aldatmak (To Betray).

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  • سنة الانتاج : 2022 ,

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